Engine Simulator

Speed-Wiz features a unique, powerful, fast engine simulator. Our engine simulator is completely different from anything else that is available.

Other engine simulators work by making hundreds or even thousands of calculations to try to account for the huge variety of possible combinations in different engines — bore and stroke, compression, valve timing, and much more — and predict the resulting power that the engine will produce. Obviously these are some very complicated calculations. So while these programs have gotten a lot better over the years, they are still only as good as the programmer that creates them and the techniques they use.

Engine Simulation
Engine power plot

For Speed-Wiz's engine simulator, instead of trying to improve the existing techniques, we took a completely different approach. We spent months gathering a vast amount of real dyno data from a wide variety of engines. We built a large database of power curves for everything from small, economy 4-cylinders to full race engines. This included not only power and torque curves but numerous, detailed engine specifications as well.

But obviously no database of power curves can even come close to containing all the possible engine combinations. So the trick is to learn the patterns as well as the data — how do changes in the engine components, in various combinations, affect the engine's output?

In order to accomplish this learning, we then used our library of dyno results to create an artificial intelligence knowledge base. This technique allows the computer to examine all the different data in great detail. By making millions of comparisons it can determine exactly what effect each feature of the engine has in combination with the other ones. The computer is able to learn much more than any person can - it can read the entire set of power curves millions of times per minute. We trained our knowledge base for hundreds of hours! The patterns within the data were precisely identified, measured, and recorded.

Using this technique also makes our simulator extremely fast. Other simulators have to do lots of calculation for each engine speed they need to simulate. But Speed-Wiz has already done all those calculations, thousands of times probably, and all it needs to do is tally them up. Not that there is any kind of simple lookup table — Speed-Wiz features an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes your inputs and derives an output using its huge, encoded knowledge base.

Engine Simulator
Engine simulation power table

Obviously, our competitors would love to get their hands on this revolutionary technology. That's why we're not providing any specifics about how this artificial intelligence knowledge base is implemented. But rest assured that you will find it a very powerful tool for use with engine modeling on almost any level.

The artificial intelligence engine simulator provides lots of benefits:

The Speed-Wiz engine simulator is loaded with features to make it the best automotive engine simulator you can get.

The data produced by the engine simulator — power and torque curves — are shared throughout Speed-Wiz. For instance, the acceleration simulator optionally uses the power or torque curve for its input. The engine simulator only works with 4-cycle, spark-ignition engines.

You also get lots of extras with the engine simulator — a piston cycle calculation, a valve lift calculation, a valve open area calculation, and some intake and exhaust related calculations.