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Speed-Wiz has hundreds of car performance calculations, simulations, and analysis tools covering engine, suspension, chassis, dynamics, and much more.

Speed-Wiz is the best value you will find in automotive software. You could pay hundreds of dollars for software that does just a fraction of what Speed-Wiz does, or pay our special low price and get an integrated and powerful program that does everything you ever wanted — and much more.

Join the many teams, companies, and individuals using Speed-Wiz now! If you build or modify cars, or just dream about it, Speed-Wiz is the tool you need.

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Speed-Wiz UI

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Speed-Wiz UI


Speed-Wiz has calculations in the areas of general, conditions, fuels, engine calculations, engine simulation, fuel injection, turbochargers, chassis, aerodynamics, electrical, suspension, steering, brakes, tires, performance, reference, costs, maintenance, and race strategy. It calculates hundreds of different values. It also has graphs for the same areas. In addition are unit conversions, performance optimizations, a lap timer, and some fun stuff too.

general General information

Conditions, density altitude calculation
Fuel including blends and additives

engine Engine calculations

Cam, valves, pistons, intake, exhaust, ...
Displacement, compression, flow, efficiency

turbo Turbochargers

Turbo sizing, temperatures, flow, ...
Compressor maps and boost curve

engine simulation Engine simulation

Artificial intelligence engine simulator
Plus pistons, valves, intake, and exhaust

suspension Suspension

Springs, bars, suspension geometry, ...
Includes 4-link and steering geometry

brakes Brakes

Braking hydraulics and mechanics
Braking force and braking weight transfer

chassis Chassis

Aerodynamics, gear ratios, shift points
Weight distribution and center of gravity

tires Tires

Tire temperature analysis
Tire selection, tire sizing, stagger

performance Performance

Acceleration, cornering, fuel consumption
Power and torque based on performance

reference Reference

Bolt torque, hoses, metal gauges, weights
Fractions, statistics, trigonometry

EV Electric vehicles

EV battery, charging, range
Acceleration, efficiency, cost savings

reference Strategy

Racing strategy analysis
Optimize your pit stop strategy

costs Costs

Fuel consumption analysis
Fuel costs and driving costs

data log viewer Data log viewer

Advanced data log viewer with statistics
Use preset layouts or create your own

lap timer Lap timer

Full-featured racing lap timer
Includes graphing and statistics

maintenance Maintenance

Maintenance tasks
Maintenance history

conversions Conversions

18 types such as pressure and temperature
Each type converts between many values

optimizations Optimizations

19 types like acceleration, braking, traction
Suggestions to improve performance

fun Fun

Coordination tester, reflex tester
Drag race practice tree, F1 start

fun Favorites

Favorite calculations and graphs
Put your favorite tools in one place

User Interface

The user interface has many features to maximize your productivity and enjoyment. Point at an item and a tool tips tells you what it does. Shortcut calculation links let you quickly calculate data inputs. Range tips for all inputs in all calculation windows. Mix calculations, graphs, reports, and help on the screen any way you want. There's a docking/floating tool bar and a status bar with detailed menu hints, status indicators, and a measure control.

Speed-Wiz has full-size calculation windows with a row of tabs along the top that allow you to view and select windows. Here you see Strategy, A-arm travel, Viewer, Compressor map, Help, and Convert windows are open, with the compressor map visible.

You can also use the MDI mode with windows that you can cascade and tile.

In the tabbed mode, you can create side-by-side groups of tabs. This allows you to view calculation windows simultaneously while still enjoying the benefits of the tabbed window system. Here we have a data log viewer on the left and an acceleration plot on the right.

Speed-Wiz offers skins to allow you to instantly change the entire look of the application to a scheme of your choice.


Speed-Wiz has many convenient productivity features.

  • Hundreds of calculations
  • Lots of full-featured, customizable graphs
  • Data stored in unlimited data files that can be organized by car, setup, track, etc.
  • Conversions allow you to instantly convert many values between various units of measure
  • Optimizations offer you suggestions on how you might reach your performance improvement goals
  • Easy access to all of your favorite calculations and graphs
  • Very friendly and useful online help is just a click or a keystroke away
  • Easy and non-invasive Setup program

Speed-Wiz calculation windows share a rich and useful set of productivity features.

  • Data interaction — input and calculated data shared by all calculations and simulations
  • Real-time calculation — just enter your data and check out the results!
  • All calculations can be saved and/or printed in report format
  • All calculation windows can be printed exactly as they appear on screen
  • Metric or English data entry by overall or individual item
  • Calculated output shown in both Metric and English units
  • Tool tips tell you what items do when you point at them
  • Shortcut calculation links to quickly access calculations for data inputs
  • Range tips for all inputs in all calculation windows
  • Easy fractional value entry
  • Send input or output values directly to the conversions tool
  • Easy to revert to original data or set default data for all inputs

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