Simulate Your Car's Suspension

Suspension calculations include coil and leaf springs, anti-roll bars, animated suspension geometry analysis with roll center and instant center (for dual A-arm and strut suspensions).

The suspension travel analysis allows you to see what happens to the suspension during travel. Drag the car body up / down and left / right with the mouse to view pictorial and numerical analysis of the change in suspension geometry during travel. Data includes; roll angle, ground clearance, instant center location, roll center location, camber angle, track width, and more.

Suspension Calculations
A-arm simulation

The chassis outline (blue lines) can be dragged up and down and rolled from side to side with the mouse (or moved with the scroll bars). You can watch the picture of the chassis move, and at the same time, the suspension movement, the wheel/tire movement, and the changing imaginary (dotted) lines that illustrate the instant centers (red dotted lines) and the roll center (white dotted lines). The numeric data in the list box below also changes in real-time as the car is moved through its various combinations of travel and roll angle. In cases where the imaginary lines extend far beyond the vehicle, you can zoom the picture in and out as required. Imaginary (gray dotted) lines also show the static position of the tires, and the kingpin axis position. All imaginary lines can be turned on or off individually.

Economical & Accurate Laser Suspension Measurement