Shift Points Calculation

Enter your gear ratios and other basic information and the Speed-Wiz Shift Point Calculation will tell you what the ideal shift points are to keep the transmission output torque to the drive wheels at its maximum.

Shift Points Calculation

Enter your engine's torque peak and redline and your car's driven tire diameter, differential ratio, and transmission gear ratios. In the Shift at box, the calculated shift points are automatically entered, but you can enter different shift points if you wish to specify them. These shift points are used to simulate acceleration in the acceleration table and the acceleration plot.

Press the Reset button to automatically set all of the shift at settings to the calculated shift points. Shift points can be calculated by torque curve or by torque peak RPM you enter. Of course, calculating using the entire torque curve is more accurate than just using the torque peak because most torque curves are not symmetrical.

Optimize your shift points to keep your transmission output torque as high as possible throughout your acceleration. You may be surprised when you find that running to redline is not always the fastest way to drive.

Shift points graph

Shift points combined graph