4-Link Suspension Geometry Input

Allows entry of suspension measurements including control arm positions, ground clearance, wheelbase, center of gravity height, and tire diameters.

You can define an unlimited number of front and rear mounting points for both the upper and lower links. Then you can instantly switch between various combinations to see their geometry just by clicking on the hole definitions in the four hole lists. All output and graphics in the input window plus any open 4-Link travel simulation windows for the same vehicle will automatically and instantly be updated.

While this data is intended for the 4-Link travel simulation, there are also some calculations made from the data you enter. These calculations are displayed at the bottom of the input window.

These calculations pertain to ride height conditions. The 4-Link travel simulation allows you to make these calculations at any suspension travel position.

Add, edit, and delete holes for a bracket

Define a series of holes for a bracket