4-Link Suspension Geometry Simulation

Vehicle travel is simulated by dragging the image with the mouse or with a scroll bar.

As you drag the mouse (or the scroll bar), the car moves up and down in response. Along with the movement of the chassis, the front link attachment points move, and the rear ones move correspondingly.

Along with the visual depiction are calculations for the following:

Calculated data instantly updates automatically as the car moves.

Imaginary (dotted) lines also indicate the normal (zero travel) position of the links and their mounting holes, making it easy to visualize how much the chassis and links have moved. The imaginary lines can be turned on and off as desired.

Instant center location markers are shown for every possible combination of mounting holes, making it easy to instantly visualize all of the possible instant center locations for your setup. You can point at any instant center location marker and the pointed location's statistics are listed, including which hole combination generates this instant center location. And you can click on any instant center location, and the associated link mounting holes will be selected here and in the input page.

Specifications are entered in the input page.

You can graph 4-link suspension geometry as well.

Graph of instant center position movement

Graph of instant center locations for all hole combinations

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