Speed-Wiz Optimizations

Speed-Wiz can analyze your car's data and provide prioritized suggestions and recommendations on how to optimize various performance characteristics.

Performance optimizations

The following optimizations are available.

Optimization Description
Acceleration, Low-speed Improve low-speed acceleration
Acceleration, Medium-speed Improve medium-speed acceleration
Acceleration, High-speed Improve high-speed acceleration
Dragstrip, Eighth-mile Improve 1/8-mile dragstrip performance
Dragstrip, Quarter-mile Improve 1/4-mile dragstrip performance
Engine, Efficiency Improve engine efficiency
Engine, Flow Improve engine flow
Engine, Maximum speed Increase engine maximum RPM (redline)
Engine, Power Improve engine power
Engine, Torque Improve engine torque
Engine, Reliability Increase engine reliability
Handling, Braking Improve braking performance
Handling, Cornering Improve cornering (traction and balance)
Handling, Directional stability Improve straignt-line directional stability (reduce wandering)
Handling, Turn-in Improve turn-in performance and steering response
Mileage Improve fuel mileage
Standing start Improve standing start performance
Top speed Increase top speed
Traction Improve acceleration traction