Acceleration Input

The Acceleration Table and the Acceleration Plot are calculated based on the data supplied in the Acceleration Input window. Information about the vehicle and the conditions is entered here. The acceleration calculations also use the general vehicle and conditions information and the gear ratios and shift points that you have specified (or specified gear ratios and calculated shift points). Many other detailed inputs are available to make the calculation accurate and suitable to a wide variety of real-life conditions.

Acceleration Simulation Input

Acceleration power can be from any one of four different inputs: the specified power and power RPM, the specified torque and torque RPM, the power curve, or the torque curve.

Enter total weight, rear weight, drag coefficient, frontal area, differential ratio, tire pressure, tire diameter, launch engine speed (RPM), maximum engine speed (redline), center of gravity height, wheelbase, acceleration traction, shift time, altitude, road grade, and head wind speed or tail wind speed.

For a simpler acceleration calculation, see the Dragstrip calculation.